your money (or lack there of)


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just be prepared that going to university means a loss of all your money… this can go down in many ways:

tuition (of course)

getting bored of the caf food and ordering in instead

your new found desire to drink all the time because there’s no more parents there to stop you

the fines you acquire from leaving your car parked in an illegal spot

tickets for underage drinking

lending new “friends” money that you will never see again

paying to go back home for a weekend


the list goes on and on. 


studying for exams


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don’t be surprised if you think “winging it” leads to a failing mark. it was actually quite shocking to see the reactions of people who had failed their midterms. they were actually surprised that studying only the night before could lead to this… 

i’ve never felt so confused. studying=passing. how do people not realize this?!

my advice for exams is study study study!! thankfully for me i have two roommates who actually understand that it is essential if you want to do somewhat well. 

cue cards, rewriting, rereading, but most importantly verbal studying with someone else. my roommates and i quiz each other on the material, it helps a lot! it’s good to find what way works best for you. 

and no, it definitely will not be cramming 12 hours before you’re going to write it.

Rebel Wilson is my hero…

just a mixed bag of thoughts

I’ll admit I wasn’t all that taken with Rebel in her turn in Bridesmaids, but she stole my heart in Pitch Perfect. She floors me with her confidence and her “so what” attitude about her weight. Yes, she’s over weight, but to her it’s “so what?”  Her characters exude a certainty in who they are and their sexuality that I envy.  She’s not waiting to be thin to dream big; she isn’t hampered by my crushing idea that being overweight is the cause of many of my issues.

She’s also ridiculously smart: she has a law degree and and arts degree.  And she is ridiculously funny.  And she’s funny in part because she doesn’t have any shame about her weight.

I have a ridiculous amount of shame about my weight.  I’m constantly judging myself by that number on the scale, by what I’m eating, or by how my…

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missing your parents


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i don’t care if you’re the toughest person on the whole planet you WILL miss you parents. even if you don’t admit it it’ll come out in some way -you miss a fridge full of food, your dog, someone doing your laundry. it’s always good to give them a call or text every now and then because even if YOU won’t admit it, they will have no problem telling you. it’s always good to be thankful for the folks who brought you up and at least in some way helped you get to where you are today.

give em a call and tell them you love them, they’re the only parents you got!


my fam and i on our trip to florida.

couldn’t be more thankful for them ❤




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the reality of it is -you don’t get to. unless you can somehow manage to sleep through dozens of people yelling, running around and making the emergency door alarm go off. here are a few tricks i picked up while trying to fall asleep at a reasonable hour (apparently people here like to sleep at 1:30 am and don’t give a shit if you don’t):

make a “sleepy time playlist”. download lullabies, basically any slow type of music

buy a fan!! best investment. drowns out all sound of the outside world

tell them to shut up

call don on call and get them to tell them to shut up

fighting with your roommates

it’s inevitable. they can be your best friend since birth and no matter what some argument will go down. the best thing you can do is suck up your pride and apologize (even if it wasn’t your fault). usually these fights start with little things like when you come back from a weekend at home and your roommates still have not taken the garbage out when they said they would. i’m talking piled up against the wall 2 feet from the lid. really quite disgusting. try to hold in the anger and suggest you guys all go take it out together. always better to avoid a full out brawl. 

in the end these people are like your family, at least for the school year. arguments will come up and honestly it’s better than to just keep it all in. Imagemy roommates and i as babies for halloween (only cost us $1.50 each!) 


the first class

just as boring and not nearly as hard as i would have expected. high school teachers really can scare their grade 12s eh? 

“you’re going to have at least 100 pages to read every week for every class”

“you can’t miss any classes”

“you can’t fall asleep”

“they will notice if you aren’t there”



frosh week

a poorly organized, poorly planned week [not] to remember. made a few friends, made a few enemies (i did NOT mean to push you!). overall, an overrated week. i couldn’t wait to start classes (never thought i’d say that).Image

we did manage to find a massive game of jenga! 

aoiwfbapweufhawl;ekfn -JENGA!